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The work by the Trans Alliance Society is done on a strictly volunteer basis. We do our best to return emails, respond to mail and phone calls in a timely fashion. Any delay on a response to your questions is not to be regarded as a slight to you as a person, it maybe have been forwarded to someone who could answer your question quicker. That said; please do feel free to contact us.

For more information on what is going on in the Vancouver trans community and/or British Columbia trans community please feel free to join the many listservs that are listed on this page.

Our Mailing Address:

  • Trans Alliance Society, c/o 401 - 1723 Frances St., Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5L 1Z5

Trans Alliance Society Steering Committee/Executive:

Our Community Phone Number: (courtesy of Xtra West)

  • Dial 604-684-XTRA (604-684-9872)

  • At the main menu, press 1 for extensionsEnter extension 2044

TAS Listservs

TAS Discussion

For discussion of anything relating to trans communities and individuals in BC. While list subscribers are encouraged to become members of Trans Alliance Society (TAS), TAS membership is not a prerequisite for posting to or subscribing to TAS Advocacy.

To subscribe, email TAS-discussion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

TAS News

For the exchange of news items of interest to trans community members in BC. While list subscribers are encouraged to become members of Trans Alliance Society (TAS), TAS membership is not a prerequisite for posting to or subscribing to TAS Advocacy.

To subscribe, email TAS-news-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Trans Listservs from BC

The TAS website contains links to other websites operated by others. By providing these links, TAS is not responsible for the privacy practices, content, transactions, and the functioning of other websites.

Cornbury Society: Join the Cornbury-News email list and discuss topics of interest and concern to crossdressers and other transgendered folks.

To subscribe, send email to cornbury-news-request@mail.cornbury.org with a subject line of "subscribe" (no quotes) and nothing else in the message.

Genderqueers: Email list for genderqueers of Victoria and area. Feel free to post, questions, events, announcements and discussion........ NO "ISMS"

To subscribe, email vicgenderqueers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

TransKootenays: List for trans people, loved ones, and service providers in the Kootenays to brainstorm and share ideas about regional planning (creating a network of trans-friendly service providers, developing education resources and peer support programs, etc.). Sponsored by the Transgender Health Program.

To subscribe, email transkootenays-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

TransVancouver: Support and information sharing for trans and gender-variant people in the Lower Mainland.

To subscribe, email TransVancouver-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Trans Youth - Vancouver: Listserv for trans youth and allies in Vancouver to connect and share resources. For youth 25 and under.

To subscribe, email transyouth_vancouver-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Vancouver Girls' Night Out: For local trans women/crossdressers to meet, chat, and plan outings together. An environment to get dressed up and go out for dinner/dancing in a comfortable and safe atmosphere, for social support and information. New members, out of town visitors, wives and significant others are welcome. Members are welcome to attend Sunday night chats at 10 PM, and to check out the shopping and clubbing resources on the links section of the site (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vangno).

To subscribe, email vangno-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Vancouver Transgender Day Of Remembrance: The Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area group website for the international event "Transgender Day Of Remembrance" - TDOR. Takes place internationally every November the 20th where we memorialize our fallen sisters and brothers due to anti-transgender violence.

To subscribe, contact groups.yahoo.com/group/VancouverTransgenderDayOfRemembrance

Vangender: Forum for Vancouver's gender queer community. It is a place for gender queer, trans, intersex people and allies to be social, ask questions, get answers, discuss gender issues and brainstorm ideas on gender.

To subscribe, email vangender-l-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Vanguys: Vanguys is a local (British Columbia) list for anybody who self identifies as an FTM (Female to Male) or is seriously exploring whether this identity is right for them. The definition of an FTM is open-ended and can mean many things. There are some folks who wish to take hormones and have surgery. Others are perfectly fine in their bodies but prefer wearing male clothing. Others want hormones. Others prefer surgery without the hormones. It is what makes you comfortable. It is whatever you feel defines you as FTM. If any of this fits you, then welcome to the club!

Please note that this list is for FTMs and FTM-questioning, only. It is not for non-FTM partners, friends, care providers, researchers etc. There're many lists out there for folks interested in learning more about us and who don't identify as FTM or FTM-questioning, so we've chosen to keep this list just for us guys.

To subscribe, email vanguys-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Vancouver Island Dudes: The transmen chill out group, aka the Trans Welcome Wagon. FTM only social group (male space). They get together for beers and to share info on medical resources, etc... Great folks and very casual.

To subscribe, email vanislandudes-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Contact Transgender Health Program

Three Bridges Community Health Centre: 1292 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W2
Tel/TTY: 604-734-1514 or 1-866-999-1514 (toll-free in BC)
Fax: 604-844-2223
Email: transhealth@vch.ca
Web: http://www.vch.ca/transhealth

Coordination of transgender health system in BC. Education and training for service providers; information, referral, advocacy, and support for anyone with a transgender health question (trans people, loved ones, employers, service providers).

Other Trans Listservs

There are thousands of trans listservs. Ways to find them include:



Guidelines for Both of
TAS Listservs

  1. Persons posting messages to the listserv are solely responsible for the content of their messages. TAS does not and cannot review every message posted to the listserv and is not responsible for the content of any message. TAS does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information posted to the listserv.

  2. Comments that promote any form of oppression, including but not limited to oppression on the basis of race, culture, religion, language, gender, disability, appearance, or sexual orientation, are unacceptable.

  3. Free and open debate must be conducted respectfully. Disagreement and critical discussion is expected, but subscribers are expected to keep the tone of their discussion respectful, and to respect each other and each other's ideas. Debates and the exchange of information must not result in "flaming" - slang for personal attack, name-calling, or insult. Be thoughtful about what you are writing, and considerate about how it will be read by other subscribers. Personal attacks are not allowed and may result in removal from the listservs.

  4. Listserv subscribers may not use the listserv to distribute any content that is abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise in violation of any law.

  5. Subscribers may not use the listserv to send unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, spam, chain letters, multilevel/pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation.

  6. These are public lists that anyone can subscribe to. As such, only information that is public should be discussed. Care should be taken not to inadvertently "out" anyone.

  7. To protect confidentiality, items posted to TAS mailing lists may not be forwarded, copied, reprinted or posted to web pages or archives without explicit permission of the author. TAS mailing list posts should NOT be treated as public news unless the author has given permission to do so.

How do I Know if my Message Meets the Requirements?

We recognize that the distinction between constructive, respectful criticism and "flaming" is not always clear. Some groups recommend the "netiquette" list posted at www.albion.com as a resource.

You are also welcome to send a draft of your message to TAS communications for feedback before posting. Doing this will help ensure you do not accidentally breach the TAS listserv requirements.

Addressing a Breach of these Requirements

If a list subscriber feels a post to the list is inappropriate, they should forward the entire post and a note outlining their concerns to TAS at TAS Communications. The listserv moderator will have a look at the post in question and decide whether or not it contravenes the TAS listserv requirements.

If the requirements have been breached, the listserv maintainer will:

  1. Temporarily suspend the sender,

  2. Notify the sender that they have been suspended and the reasons for it, and

  3. Make three efforts (in a two-week period) to work constructively with the sender to clarify the listserv requirements and help the poster find a way to communicate what they want to say respectfully. If this is unsuccessful, the list maintainer will bring it to the TAS Steering Committee for resolution. The sender can also request at any time that the TAS Steering Committee get involved.

  4. Until the listserv maintainer or TAS Steering Committee feels confident that the sender understands the listserv requirements and will abide by them, the sender will not be able to send messages to the listserv. As soon as this condition is met, the suspension will be lifted.

All listserv subscribers get two chances. That is, if a person or organization breaches the listserv requirements, they will have a chance to sort that out and try again. A second breach on a similar issue as the first one will result in immediate re-suspension and loss of access to all TAS listservs for a year. Other breaches will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may also result in suspension if the list maintainer or the TAS Steering Committee feels a person is unable or unwilling to use the TAS listservs in a respectful way.

If you have suggestions for ways to improve these list guidelines please send your comments to TAS at TAS communications.

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This website is maintained on a volunteer basis.
It was last updated July 18, 2009.
Mailing Address: Trans Alliance Society, c/o 1170 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 1Z6

Trans Alliance Society's working definition of "Trans"

Trans refers to anyone who has a gender identity; may it be the medical or psychological model, that is different than their birth sex, and/or expresses their gender in ways that contravene societal expectations of the range of possibilities for men and women.

This may include people who self-identify as transgendered, intersex, Two Spirit, crossdressers, transsexuals, bi-gendered, pan-gendered, genderqueer, androgynous, third gender, female and male impersonators, and drag kings/queens, as well as people whose perceived gender or anatomic sex may conflict with their gender expression (such as masculine-appearing women and feminine-appearing men).