Transgender Educational Resources

TAS' Education Working Group has worked on 4 projects:

    1. Identifying trans education materials available in electronic format (websites/PDF files).
    2. Creating a trans print archive in the public library system.
    3. Developing a province-wide Speakers' Bureau. (Needs updating: June 2007)
    4. Creating sample workshop outlines that can be used by anyone wanting to do trans workshops or presentations.

To get involved, email

This YouTube video is from the producers of GenderTalk radio and, GenderVision continues the ground-breaking work of challenging and expanding our vision of gender and progressive politics. Discussions will range from the basics of sex and gender to all things masculine, feminine, and transgender, including GLBT, feminist, women's and men's issues.

Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD. produce and co-host GenderVision, which is taped at BevCam cable access studio in Beverly, MA.

TAS Member Groups Providing Workshops

Lit review

ANKORS, a HIV/Hep C organization in the Kootenay/Boundary area, gives educational talks regarding trans issues and supplies the community with trans education material.

BC FTM Network


The BC FTM Network provides educational resources on topics affecting female-to-male (FTM) trans people and their partners, family members, and their care providers. The Network can arrange speakers and panels for educational presentations, and has videos and print materials available for educational use.


The Centre offers LGBT sensitivity training for health care professionals and community service providers. Training includes definitions and discussions of LGBT culture and history the impacts of homophobia, heterosexism, bi- & transphobia, information on the health issues affecting LGBT people, and discussion of accessibility and ways to make services more inclusive of LGBT people.

The Centre's Trans Self-Care Workshop Series, initiated in September 2002, offers monthly workshops on topics such as trans identities, legal rights, using hormones safely, gender reassignment surgery, and spirituality.

The Cornbury Society can provide speakers on topics relating to the concerns of crossdressers, partners, and family members.

Pride UBC facilitates educational workshops for the AMS Speakeasy Peer Counselor Program, the Women's Student's Office, and the various ESL programs on campus.

UVic Pride organizes educational events (panels, workshops, discussions, etc.) on the issues affecting LGBTI people, and can provide guest speakers for organizations on- and off-campus.


The Women/Trans Dialogue Planning Committee brings together trans people and non-trans women to collectively educate about trans and intersex issues. Speakers are available for workshops on the broad range of issues affecting trans and intersex people; specialized workshops and educational resources have been created for anti-violence agencies, women's centres, and feminist organizations.

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Out on the Shelves Library

Out on the Shelves, the Library at The Centre, is one of the largest LGTB community libraries in Canada with almost 5,000 titles in the collection. The Library provides the opportunity for members of the LGTB communities, and their allies, to borrow a wide range of LGTB related reading and audio/visual materials. Thus, our collection includes books, magazine’s, newspapers, videos, audio tapes, travel manuals, and a clippings file. 604-684-5309, Open Monday to Friday 4:00 to 10:00 p.m.

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Transgender Health - Drop In - Vancouver Coastal Health

The Thursday drop-in group: This is a Peer facilitated group for people dealing with their own gender identity. Please call THP for locations or questions at 604.734.1514 ex 2. Dates: Thursdays from 5:00-6:30 pm.

Youth drop-in: Transgender youth and loved ones in the Lower Mainland have organized a drop-in for anyone age 24 and under who is transgender or the loved one of a transgender person (sibling, friend, partner, etc.). The group is a space to meet other youth who are interested in trans issues, watch trans movies, make art & ‘zines, eat free snacks, and get info about local resources. Dates: Fridays from 6:30-8:30 pm. Please note: No meeting on the last Friday of each month. Click here for more youth info...

Trans Taking Care of Business - Trans Sex worker drop-in group: Meet for good food, info and support in a trans-friendly, safe and confidential setting. Please call April S. for locations or questions at 604.734.1514 ex 4. Dates: Mondays from 5:00-7:00 pm.

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Most of the TAS member groups offer educational resources: workshops, pamphlets, lending libraries, etc. Below are links to BC-specific educational materials. All material is in PDF format.

Trans people in the criminal justice system: A guide for criminal justice personnel (March 2004)

Trans Youth Pamphlet: For transgender youth, their service providers, friends and allies. (October 2003)

Exploring transgendered community and gender based programs in Greater Victoria (June 2003)

Redefining gender and sex: Educating for trans, transsexual, and intersex access and inclusion to sexual assault centres and transition houses (February 2003)

Exploring transgendered community and gender based programs in Greater Victoria (June 2003)

Redefining Gender and Sex: Educating for trans, transsexual, and intersex access and inclusion to sexual assault centres and transition houses (February 2003)

Transition and Crossdressing Service Delivery: A review of a health planning process to create a new model for the delivery of services relating to gender transition and crossdressing, a trans community member reviewed approximately 170 articles for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. (February, 2003)

Trans inclusion policy manual for women's organizations (Winter 2002)

Consumer info on laser's cost-effectiveness: A comparison study of laser and electrolysis - where is the value? by Christine WG Burnham (October, 2002)

The status of Trans Health in BC (July, 2002)

The Trans Biography Project: Stories from the lives of eleven trans people in BC (November 2001)

The biographies are available in a smaller version that does not contain photos -- approximately 25% the size of the full version.

Trans/Action Justice and Equality Summit series

The Trans/Action Justice and Equality Summit, the first Canadian conference on trans legal issues, was held in Vancouver in June 1999. barb findlay, a lawyer in Vancouver who specializes in LGBT and human rights law, wrote a series of articles analyzing some of the issues that arose at that summit.

The following links will take you to Barbara Findlay's website.